Established in 1998


We welcomed Bay into our family in August of 2020. Bay is a beautiful dark red color. She is a very smart girl who loves treats and loves going on walks all around our farm.

Bambi & Lorrie

Bambi & Lorrie are daughters of Bay and Maine Aim Ranch's Steele. Bambi (left) is a lighthearted little girl who loves to have her belly rubbed. Bambi prefers to sit in your lap and have your full attention. Lorrie (right) is active and loves to run and walk around the farm. Lorrie is always happy and is always ready for a new adventure!

A Step Ahead

Our pups get lots of love and snuggles here on the farm which provides the best beginning for your new family member.

Bryant's Pomskies is a certified member of the Pomsky Owners Association