More About Us

Hi,  I am Carrie Bryant, thanks for stoping by!  My husband John and I live in Central Missouri with our two daughters.  John and I were both raised on farms and have raised our children out in the country on a farm.      

The day job I have in town is where I spend most of my weekdays.  You can usually find John on some sort of equipment.  He is either on a tractor farming or "moving dirt" with one of his excavators.  

Early mornings, evenings and weekends here are spent tending to our animals.  Along with our fury friends, we also have a herd of cattle.  I come from a long line of cattle people.  Showing cattle is our family sport.  Our girls are active in FFA and agriculture!  They are the 4th generation in our family to show cattle, exhibiting at local, state and national shows.

Through our close friends in the cattle industry, Chuck and Karen McCullough (Maine Aim Ranch Pomskies), we started raising Pomsky puppies by acquiring Bay in August of 2020.  Karen is my mentor and I cannot thank this family enough for all they have done for us.  They are good people.  We love spending time with them throughout the year at various cattle shows around the country.

Right now we have only a few litters of Pomskies per year and they are all so precious to us.  We are a family of faith and pray about all our animals and for the families who will choose them.  Our dogs get lots of love here and our puppies get lots of love and top notch care from day one.  

Thank you again for learning a little more about us and if you have any questions, please feel free to call or text.  

(573) 489-4722